How does your media product represent particular social groups?

As well as particularly setting out to graphically portray neglected characters of lowliness in the opening tittle sequence, the treatment is very much a socially based plot. We devised the film to represent evil present in today’s society and human trafficking was a logical path to take to get there. The results we got back from the questionnaire came back showing 100% of people asked agreeing with “Abused minors with ambiguous nationality” in answer to “What social group do you think is being portrayed in this opening clip?”

The protagonist of our film is not present in our opening two minutes hence the ambiguity in genre between horror and thriller. On a grander scale the protagonist would clearly be placed as financially, educationally and in terms of social rank- inferior. In conjunction with the character stating post and the treatment, the social group represented in the film is clear. Although, this may be some what irrelevant, seeing as the opening two minutes acts as a branched off concept to introduce us to the narrative of the main film.

So speaking in terms of the credit sequence we have created; the social group runs parallel to the theme of inferiority of social status. The imagery of the neglected characters in the opening two minutes reeks of vulnerability and thus enforces this social theme.

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