EVALUATION QUESTION 1 & Evaluative reference material

Iv decided to be original. I know how sick to the back teeth you must get of reading evaluations, so here’s me using new media representation of my evaluation questions. 🙂
It’ll be just like having me right by you for a chat!

Combined with the odd paragraph and picture…

The lesson that followed the viewing of all our films saw the return of our surveys, we have spent this lesson sifting through all of our sheets (all 24 of them!!!) and I have wacked all the data into pie charts using open office (with a little help from photoshop for decorative purposes). Here it is, the feed back from Upper and Lower 6th students, including Mr Grant & Miss Hughes.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Visually we have drawn parallels from the film ‘Hunger’, its execrable presence on screen is one that appealed to us greatly despite me only being aware of the film  following the seemingly original concept I had for our own opening primarily. The stagnant, dark imagery creates an instant tone, nothing is clean or fresh. The man centrally framed is semi naked, unshaven and alone. As shown pictorially above we have conformed to this vulnerable imagery seen in Hunger.

The second real media product that our film opening has developed is Harry Brown by Daniel Barber. Here is the opening credits to Harry Brown.

We took from this, the structural element, in the way that the calm and stillness of the credits put emphasis on the visual dissonance previous to them.

Through the collation of comments left on our survey for Honey, the positive feedback we received summarised to say: the effects that we used to optimise the efficiency of colours, sound and imagery built tension and were mostly visually and aurally coherent (however, one individual thought it was perhaps over-edited, and another thought the coloured shots of the hands and the eyes detracted from the overall desired dull aesthetic); 100% of people asked stated that the order of the shots, actual footage and pace of the two minutes portrayed a definitive film genre; 100% of people also stated that Honey‘s representation of a particular social group – abused minors with ambiguous nationality – was completely evident; our created set was commented to be “authentic”; suppositions were made to condense the ident to a few seconds rather than ten seconds (but, our research showed that generally idents are around 10-13 seconds in duration); and although the emotive response was definite – unhinging and disoriented – the distinction between Horror genre and Thriller genre was not, perhaps due to a deliberate complete lack of plot.

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