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Here we used the same 30 second clip of a man walking his dog and experimented with different type faces filters and music to portray the same clip firstly as a comedy and then as a horror. In the comedy myself and Andy agreed on the old, slapstick style of comedy; not so much in the content- obviously because we didn’t shoot that- but in the visual and audio style of the clip. We used an old string duet piece of music which hinted well at the genre through its humorous and optimistic rhythm and pace. it gives a “trotting” or “plodding” kind of feel to the clip which relates closely to the way that the dog (Max) is walking.

To be continued…

Ident Ideas.

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Right, so im still pottering about on photoshop, and the bottom corner of my computer screen reads: 00:09

So my mind has been filled with ideas, problems and excitement over this two minute title sequence task. The idea we are going mith as a group (Andy Reid, Chris Elmer and myself) is based around a chilling set of images gradually introducing titles and ofcorse our IDENT. Wich is what I’ve just been messing with for the past hour or so.

It would actually really help if you could just leave a comment on what you beleive is most effective, clearly baring in mind the mysterious, nail-biting horror reputation we would want to obtain as film makers…

theres only a few but what works best?


Any white in the image would be transparent on the actualy film clip.

Too chilling? Not chilling enough?

thankyou for any feedback.

OK, one hour on… so one last thing before I call it a night…


I couldn’t resist.


The big one!

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This is a really really rough set of ideas that I initially had a few weeks back now and decided to put them together one night…

since then my group and I have decided against this idea and genre of film for our 2minute opening sequence. Come monday, with the treatment for the new ground breaking idea I will revisit my blog and eleborate on all of this ofcorse and explain why we decided against it, etc, etc.   🙂

Dun Dum Duuhhh.

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The language of signs, but it’s never just that easy…           <<What does this sign tell you?

  I see semiotics as signs that decode to specific representions  within our society.

In the late 50′s, people started to think differently about media and felt the need to compensate for the general allegations towards the subject being to easy and not academic enough; so a fairly vast spectrum of specialist terms, jargon, eventually enabled media to be taken as more seriously.

It became obvious that we were having difficulties expressing and explaining what we had to say in class. How can Miss Hughes say that Titanic is awful and justify her opinion to a diehard fan!? People then tend to question the idea of how things should be criticised and this idea has now become known as structuralism, this brought in the concept of semiotics.

The largest and most significant means of communication is most probably our verbal language but there are quite a few systems of meaning; clothing, gesture, body language and  architecture.

After reading through secondary texts I came to terms with the idea of having the signifier, the signified and the referent when studying an object or being.

The Signifier of myself would be the black shapes, that are letters, on paper – “H A R R Y

The Signified of myself would be “HARRY”- the son, the brother, the nephew, the cousin the boyfriend, etc, etc…  these are concepts and not a real things, the real thing being me.

The Referent of myself would be ME!  My actual presence.

In addition to these there are further sub-categories of the signifier to look into:

Arbitrary signifiers- (much harder to link to myself), again, the words on the page or spoken voice, saying my name.

Iconic signifiers- very similar to how I have related “the signified” to myself. My mum’s son, my auntie’s nephew, my girlfriend’s boyfriend…

Indexical signifiers- an indexical signifier of myself would be the sound of a particular type of music being heard from another room.

Symbolic signifiers- in the style of flags and signs, a symbolic signifier of myself would be if someone were to hold up a picture of a guitar, or a picture of some skis or a picture of Alys.

A bit more jargon...

I was introduced to the terms denotation and connotation last year in film studies as ways to separate analytical responses to the film Tsotsi (great film)….

Basically we were taught that denoted things were what we could see and connoted things where the meanings behind the shot/scene/still.  Within semiotics they almost have the same meaning, just in slightly more specific detail.

Connotation-Connote- Links and defines things.

E.g red is a color but can connote fierceness, passion and danger.

Denotation-Denote- Signs that signify or name aspects of an experience.

E.g red denotes a certain part of the color spectrum.