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The painful first 2minutes of a film trailer, oh, sorry the opening to an actual film. Huff.

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by ME and goodeajqegs 

  When we were set the task of doing a micro analysis on the opening two minutes of a film Anabelle and I actualy somehow ended up watching a two minute trailer for No Counrty for Old Men as you can imagine we seemed to be working at double the pace of everyone else and not getting anywhere, each second or half a second was a cut or fade to a new clip, poor Anabelle was nearly creating sparks on the paper!

Just so you can have a look and a good laugh at us here is what we produced over a lesson and a half (just before realising our mistake).

However after completing the task, I did realise and become aware of a great contrast between a trailer and an opening sequence and when I come to create my own 2 minute opening sequence I will remember the close analysis we did on the trailer and ensure that i do not go crazy and try to tell the whole story, like a trailer does, and just concerntrate on the opening credits and producing the very begining of a film!0:00black screen

0:06panning of sea fades in. camera tilts up to city scape at night. Dazzling lights from the city.

0:15‘Miramax films’ appears on screen through dissolve transition. White writing against black background.

0:18Fades out to black.

0:20‘Paramount vantage’ appears in and out of focus. Ident on wall dirty white wall. white on black, high contrast. The word vantage creeps on afterwards.

0:29black screen.

0:33‘There will be blood’ old English white writing on a black background.

0:36black screen.

0:46fades into landscape, establishing shot as background noise intensifies.

0:55Straight cut to dark shot, contrasting the previous light shot, of man below ground with pick axe, mid shot.

1:10sharpening blade between his legs. Lighting- blue highlights.

1:15Camera starts to rise into mid close up of the mans face as the character starts to work again.

1:30Camera pans from face to wall, still mid close up, dim lighting.

1:35back to close up of his face. The camera follows his face towards the light as he looks up.

1:51Low angle shot looking up at the man as he puts his gun on his back, his hat on his head and starts to climb up the ladder out of the whole in the ground, into the light.

1:56Still low W.E.V angle, blue glare of light coming into the tunnel. Character gets closer and eventualy exits the tunnel into the light. 

Four Lions

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I thought was a great film, with such a clever and precise blend between comedy and quite hard-hitting drama in parts. I really did literally find myself chuckling one second and in complete silence the next.

 The Characters that the film is based around are a group of British jihadists who push their abstract dreams of glory to the breaking point. The characters are portrayed in a likable way, we feel we maybe aren’t allowed to like them because of how these men are stereotyped in the media, we grow to like them because of their comedy value. The media seem to be very naive, only wanting to skim the surface of the film and not looking deeper into any representational ideas behind the characters or the film.

We are given access to behind what we see in the media through this film.Through the young muslim character of Omar we are shown a family environment involved which is something I do not associate with the muslim suicide bombers that I hear of in the news. I believe that if they can blow themselves up they can’t possibly have a family to worry about, in this case we see Omar as the partner, the dad and on the other side of the coin, the suicide bomber. He tells his 7 year old son stories explaing what is going to happen/happening in a subtle way through the story of the lion king.In our society I think we struggle to understand the acceptance of Omars suicidal plans from his wife.  

Although we see the group of young muslims with such strong ideologies and they are very much set in their ways and know what they want to do. If we look a little deeper I think the young men are actually confused, especially towards the end of the film when we realise Waj and Omar are aware that what they are doing is wrong and they want to stop and hand themselves in before its to late.

Chris Morriss co wrote the script with the writers of peep show, the relationship we see between David Mitchell and Robert Webb is a close one of wich we, as an audience, feel close to. I feel that the “four lions” in the film convey a very believable reationship with each other just as Mitchell and Webb do. I can empathise greatly with the characters in this film, mainly Waj and Omar, we can see that Omar is a caring figure for Waj even if it is taken to an extreme at which Waj can not even make his own decisions. In this sense young muslims are represented in a very uneducated way. Although it’s not quite to the degree of Waj, I can link the uneducated theme in Omar, Ves and Barry also. We can clearly see that this group of young muslims are far from masterminds and a very real concept jumped out at me when thinking back to the story; as an audience we seem to be with them as they go on this uncalculated journey. Unlike other films in which we may just feel like spectators, the uncertanty of the plot and the characters plans seem to keep us held tight to the story as it is happening putting us in a better position to understand the film

“it shows that-while terrorism is about ideology-it can also be about idiots.” –  Sundance Film Festival   


Continuity exercise.

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For this 30 second clip that my group and I have created we were asked to include three important features; the 180 degree rule, match on action and shot reverse shot. The video begins with two inter-changing shots of Chris walking down a corridor towards a door. As he makes this journey towards the door we devised a way of lighting up his path in a flickering manner to create a slight disturbance in the atmosphere by getting Andy to switch the lights on as Chris stepped over the camera. Once Chris has reached the door we changed to a closer angle and matched it with an opposite angle on the other side of the door, we then used fast pace cuts between the two shots to create a disorientating feel as he leaves the security of his own company in the corridor to be greeted with an edgy, mysterious, psychotic cowboy character played by Andy. As Chris approaches and sits before the cowboy he is greeted with, Finally, you are here, as if with some unexplainable understanding, Chris then replies with, Of course. This line from Chris seems to decode as some kind of invitation to the cowboy as the camera catches an evil grin on his face with a swift zoom to close up. This moment of stillness contrasts brilliantly to the action that follows; Andy slams down on the desk and reveals the knife that has been laid on the desk the whole time, but before we see the weapon we used fast pace edits to show the shock and surprise on Chris’ face as and makes such vigorous movement we then cut back to the full unveiling of the blade and the subtle action of Chris’ tie moving at the side of the screen matches that previous shot of his reaction to the surprise. Suddenly suspense drops and we see a brief extreme close up of the knife  which leaves the audience thinking and using there imagination… who will die first?

Here is the storyboard that I drew out that the group followed as we filmed. As you can see, we weren’t sure of the laughing ending when we were at the early stages.

We originally had a close up shot of Andy’s face as the lights went out again whilst he chuckled to him self slowly. This didn’t make the final cut because it ruined the atmosphere and the laughter struggle to cut through the music with clarity, it would also of meant not sticking to our strict 30 second guideline.

An effective title sequence..

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In this title sequence I think the font and lettering works well because it differs greatly to all the modern animated sequences that rely so heavily on computer software to produce a similar sense of movement and pace in their technical, computer aided sequences. It portrays a home-made could hint to the films genre, the hand written style focuses our attention on the credits themselves but yet makes us un-aware of the any time passing because there is plenty going on around it to keep us entertained.

The soundtrack enhances my reading of the films genre by its own genre and style of music, it has a distinctive 60’s groove to it; the prominent flute at the beginning and the end hints largely at the kind of 1962 Soul Bossa Nova piece by composer Quincey Jones as featured in Austin Powers – The Spy Who Shagged Me“. When the vocals start it seems harder to place a genre or time period to the film and alongside that the visuals give off a more present day feel with interesting use of colour and general creativeness. The combination of audio and visual, to me, creates a sense of innocence somewhat like the Napoleon Dynamite title sequence did.

The only thing I would change about this opening title sequence would probably be the timing of each frame, the duration of each credit shot could be longer in order to read it properly because there is so much moving around it and through it that your attention is often else where. Despite this I later got thinking about the priority of a title sequence in a film, and came to the conclusion that extra time isnt really needed because I dont believe that an audience take a lot of interest in the opening credits in comparison to the film itself.  

Hello media class.

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Hi,  I’m Harry .

Music is the most important thing around me really, I like to think my opinions and preferences of it are quite strong and unique. Other than this, good friends with plenty in common and fellow musicians are who I spend most of time with. I play in several groups including the Lincolnshire Youth Jazz and Rock Academy. I am a devoted guitarist and gained grade 8 when I was 15.  I like most things creative and different.

I chose to take media at QEGS after I enjoyed the film studies GCSE course i did last year. I was well into art last year during GCSE but opted to take media over art at QEGS because I was ready for something different and I really liked the idea of the online blog and that as something that could replace my bulging sketch books.

I dont think I have a typical relationship with media as a 16 year old boy; video games have never really interested me. Despite my keen interest in this subject I am not someone who has watched 100s of films. Media within music interests me the most –

  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • text
  • photography
  • page & web design

One film that I always recall from my early childhood is The Fox And The Hound, I dont remember much about it, in fact, I’m not even certain on the plot. All I recall is the over flow with emotion it provoked in me and how I would still be crying well after the film had finshed.

A more recent favorite of mine is Anchor Man and a film called Hot Rod just because of the raw and ridiculous humour in both that keeps me watching over and over.