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Having been away for a few lessons, I missed some vital lessons on terminology. I went to research my key terms and camera angles on my own.
Having studied media in year 11 I had covered the basics when it comes to terminology but needed to ensure they’re fixed in my head for analytical responses to TV drama clips.

I found these great examples… looks a lot like Denis the Menace…

Media institutions

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1. 5 areas of the media and one leading profit making company for each sector.

Film- Warner Bros.

Television- Sky

Radio- BBC

Music- Sony

Magazines- Time

2. Name two independent record labels.

Holy roar

Hairy Wolf Records

3. Why is some music downloading legal and some illegal?

Paying for a music download is not illegal. Some artists can decide to make there music available free of charge, at websites such as Bandcamp groups or solo artists can upload their music and make it available for free download- this would most frequently happen with bands just starting out like this one – LINK lines across maps, or perhaps for any other organisation not focused or based on profit making.

4. Who owns the British Board of Film Classification?

Currently, the president of the BBFC is Sir Quentin Thomas and the current director is David Cook

5. Name three organisations that own British newspapers.

News Corporation – owns The Times

Trinity Mirror – owns The People and The Sunday Mirror

The Independent Media and Newspaper Company – owns The Independent.

6. Why does the BBC have no adverts?

The BBC is not permitted to carry advertising or sponsorship on its public services. This keeps them independent of commercial interests and ensures that they can be run instead to serve the general public interest. If the BBC sold airtime either wholly or partially, advertisers and other commercial pressures would dictate its programme and schedule priorities. There would also be far less revenue for other broadcasters.

7. What is OFCOM?

Ofcom is the communications regulator. Theyregulate the TV and radio sectors, fixed line telecoms and mobiles, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate.

Our main legal duties are to ensure:

  • the UK has a wide range of electronic communications services, including high-speed services such as broadband;
  • a wide range of high-quality television and radio programmes are provided, appealing to a range of tastes and interests;
  • television and radio services are provided by a range of different organisations;
  • people who watch television and listen to the radio are protected from harmful or offensive material;
  • people are protected from being treated unfairly in television and radio programmes, and from having their privacy invaded; and
  • the radio spectrum (the airwaves used by everyone from taxi firms and boat owners, to mobile-phone companies and broadcasters) is used in the most effective way.

We are not responsible for regulating:

  • disputes between you and your telecoms provider;
  • premium-rate services, including mobile-phone text services and ringtones;
  • the content of television and radio adverts;
  • complaints about accuracy in BBC programmes;
  • the BBC TV licence fee; or
  • newspapers and magazines.

8. What is MP4?

MP4 offers different forms of media, in comparison to MP3 (being music based completely), an MP4 player offers video, images, and apps in addition to the generic MP3 player; offering only music.

9. Why does the sound regularly disappear on the live Big Brother feed?

During the “live” Big Brother feed the sound goes because of censorship; if the conversation between house mates involve brand names or family members it will be blanked out. Although the housemates have waived their rights to privacy, their family have not. A 5 minute delay stands between the editors at channel 4 and us, the viewer to enable them to stay ahead of the game and also save any “juicey” footage for the evening shows and adverts.

10. Who owns channel 5?

Northern and shell are the owners of channel 5 the man behind which, is Richard Desmond.


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Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it- to full product?

This is my video response to evaluation Q7, copy and paste into address bar, don’t know why it won’t work like the rest of them…  ->  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SM1J6zyQy6U


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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


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How did you attract/address your audience?


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Who would be the audience for your media product?


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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product?


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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

As well as particularly setting out to graphically portray neglected characters of lowliness in the opening tittle sequence, the treatment is very much a socially based plot. We devised the film to represent evil present in today’s society and human trafficking was a logical path to take to get there. The results we got back from the questionnaire came back showing 100% of people asked agreeing with “Abused minors with ambiguous nationality” in answer to “What social group do you think is being portrayed in this opening clip?”

The protagonist of our film is not present in our opening two minutes hence the ambiguity in genre between horror and thriller. On a grander scale the protagonist would clearly be placed as financially, educationally and in terms of social rank- inferior. In conjunction with the character stating post and the treatment, the social group represented in the film is clear. Although, this may be some what irrelevant, seeing as the opening two minutes acts as a branched off concept to introduce us to the narrative of the main film.

So speaking in terms of the credit sequence we have created; the social group runs parallel to the theme of inferiority of social status. The imagery of the neglected characters in the opening two minutes reeks of vulnerability and thus enforces this social theme.

EVALUATION QUESTION 1 & Evaluative reference material

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Iv decided to be original. I know how sick to the back teeth you must get of reading evaluations, so here’s me using new media representation of my evaluation questions. 🙂
It’ll be just like having me right by you for a chat!

Combined with the odd paragraph and picture…

The lesson that followed the viewing of all our films saw the return of our surveys, we have spent this lesson sifting through all of our sheets (all 24 of them!!!) and I have wacked all the data into pie charts using open office (with a little help from photoshop for decorative purposes). Here it is, the feed back from Upper and Lower 6th students, including Mr Grant & Miss Hughes.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Visually we have drawn parallels from the film ‘Hunger’, its execrable presence on screen is one that appealed to us greatly despite me only being aware of the film  following the seemingly original concept I had for our own opening primarily. The stagnant, dark imagery creates an instant tone, nothing is clean or fresh. The man centrally framed is semi naked, unshaven and alone. As shown pictorially above we have conformed to this vulnerable imagery seen in Hunger.

The second real media product that our film opening has developed is Harry Brown by Daniel Barber. Here is the opening credits to Harry Brown.

We took from this, the structural element, in the way that the calm and stillness of the credits put emphasis on the visual dissonance previous to them.

Through the collation of comments left on our survey for Honey, the positive feedback we received summarised to say: the effects that we used to optimise the efficiency of colours, sound and imagery built tension and were mostly visually and aurally coherent (however, one individual thought it was perhaps over-edited, and another thought the coloured shots of the hands and the eyes detracted from the overall desired dull aesthetic); 100% of people asked stated that the order of the shots, actual footage and pace of the two minutes portrayed a definitive film genre; 100% of people also stated that Honey‘s representation of a particular social group – abused minors with ambiguous nationality – was completely evident; our created set was commented to be “authentic”; suppositions were made to condense the ident to a few seconds rather than ten seconds (but, our research showed that generally idents are around 10-13 seconds in duration); and although the emotive response was definite – unhinging and disoriented – the distinction between Horror genre and Thriller genre was not, perhaps due to a deliberate complete lack of plot.


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After all the fun, the stress (not much), from being stood in nothing but a thin pair of cloth pants that were too small for me in Andys garage at the end of November to being sat here in my warm bedroom having completed the sound with the help from my wonderful new computer (MacBook Pro 13″) looking back at a finished product! aahhhh, lovely jubbly!

Right suppose I ought to actually do some proper blogging, now the film its self is out the way, and tell you how i did it all…. Huff, where to start. 😦 Crickey.